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Trailer Park Queen

My name is Teresa.
My life experience

Has made me well suited
To be of good service

To people like myself…

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“Ms. Gunn is a tough woman who cuts through niceties and demands real contact.”
~ Washington Post ~

When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a singer in a rock n roll band. In 1978, I attended a Patti Smith concert — changed my life. Patti made her own rules, that gave me permission to do the same. Started my own band, the Teresa Gunn Group. Had never written a song, did not read music or play an instrument. Began performing in punk clubs in Washington DC and Baltimore. By the end of the decade, I had recorded three original albums, toured extensively, got some recognition through press, radio, and television. Won some awards, got some respect as a singer-songwriter and performance artist. I also picked up a pretty good drug and alcohol habit. Quit performing, moved back to my hometown of San Diego, and began a very long journey of recovery…


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Teresa Gunn | Trailer Park Queen


Street of Dreams | Spoken Word

May 7, 2023

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